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TrigGuide system

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Trig Medical
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With the TrigGuide system, physicians simply attach a sensor to the biopsy needle or any other interventional tool and to the ultrasound transducer. TrigGuide then overlays easy-to-read graphics on the real-time ultrasound image, showing how to position the needle in three-dimensional space. The system registers the needle in line with the target before it penetrates the skin, predicting the precise path the needle should take to the lesion. After the needle is inserted, physicians receive real-time feedback showing the exact position of the needle at all times, enabling them to perform 3D verification of the needle tip position.
Optimize Your Approach

The TrigGuide system generates an overlay on the ultrasound image, providing guidance directly to the target lesion. Employing advanced 3D targeting technology, TrigGuide supports both the conventional 'In-Plane' as well as 'Out-of-Plane' approaches.

The ability to approach target area from virtually any direction provides complete optimization of both imaging angle and insertion path.

Physicians are free to select the best approach prior to needle insertion.
Lesions in complex locations can be accurately and safely accessed Out-of-Plane. As a result, the Out-of-Plane approach may be easier and quicker for many applications.


  • Free hand in-plane and out-of-plane guidance

  • Prospective needle path planning for optimal approach

  • Real time display of needle position throughout the procedure

  • Compatible with virtually any ultrasound system and interventional device

  • Short learning curve