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PROFILE 3D™Annuloplasty System

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Profiled 3D

This device is indicated for the reconstruction and/or remodeling of pathological mitral valves. Valvular insufficiency and/or stenosis may be corrected by appropriate repair and annular remodeling.

  • The Mitral Valve has a Saddle Shape. The mitral annulus is a dynamic, saddle-shaped structure with a maximum height of the saddle in the middle of the annulus’s anterior part and another rise along the posterior leaflet
  • 3-Dimensional Profi le 3D™ Ring “…a saddle-shaped annuloplasty ring may increase mitral valve repair durability by reducing leafl et and chordal strain.
  • 2-Dimensional Rigid Rings When implanted, rigid and semi-rigid devices only restore the annular geometry in two dimensions. The annulus height is obliterated, diminishing leafl et curvature and potentially placing increased stress and subsequent strain on valve repair.

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