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Philips iU22 Intelligent Ultrasound
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The Philips iU22 is the first ultrasound system to provide the foundation for a nearly perfect ergonomic scanning environment. Every inch of the system— including its fully articulating control panel, its new, lighter transducer cables, its angled, easy-access transducer connectors, the iCOMMAND voice recognition and its one-button intelligent optimization—has been designed to reduce operator fatigue and injuries while improving exam workflow.


  • Flat Screen Display—The unique LCD flat screen technology, designed specifically for medical applications, provides a new level of high resolution, no distortion image display. Ultra-bright, flicker-less technology reduces eyestrain and the monitor can be easily adjusted to almost any viewing position to satisfy any scanning challenge and allow shared patient viewing. 

  • High Performance Transducers—The new line of Explora high-performance transducers has been specially designed for maximum acoustic efficiency allowing greater penetration and resolution with minimal artifacts. A new, dramatically lighter and more flexible cable design reduces operator strain and fatigue while breakthrough array configurations and ultra-high frequencies (up to 17 MHz) allow users to image previously challenging patients. The ultra-high frequencies are also providing never-before-seen detail of small parts and suspicious breast lesions.

  • Full Imaging Capabilities—A powerful image-former architecture, that processes multiple data streams in real time, makes this the only premium ultrasound system that can do the full array of ultrasound exams—2D, 3D, and real-time 4D.   

  • Next Generation 4D Imaging—Extraordinarily fast image acquisition and image processing allow true, instantaneous, real-time 4D imaging. In addition, Philips’exclusive SonoCT with XRES technology provides new levels of clarity for 3D, 4D and MPR imaging. Philips xSTREAM architecture enables quick acquisition, manipulation and quantification of full-volume data sets.  With the Philips iU22 system’s unprecedented processing capability, clinicians can now explore new applications such as real-time 4D images of the fetal heart.

  •     * L17-5 Linear Array
        * L12-5 50mm Linear Array
        * L9-3 Linear Array
        * L8-4 Linear Array
        * L15-7io Compact Linear Array
        * C5-1 Broadband Curved Array 
        * C8-5 Curved Array
        * C5-2 Curved Array
        * C9-4 Curved Array
        * S5-1 Sector Array
        * S4-1 Sector Array

        * C9-5ec Curved Array
        * C8-4v Curved Array
        * 3D6-2 Curved Array
        * 3D9-3v Curved Array
        * V6-2 Curved Array
        * X3-1 Matrix Array
        * S7-2 Omni TEE
        * D2cwc CW (Pedoff)
        * D5cwc CW (Pedoff)