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iE33 Intelligent Echocardiography System

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Philips Healthcare
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Full Imaging Capabilities—A powerful image forming architecture, that processes multiple data streams in real time, makes this the only premium ultrasound system that can do the full array of echocardiography exams—2D, 3D, Live 3D and Live xPlane imaging, as well as 2D and 3D Doppler Color Flow imaging. It also performs contrast imaging.

High Performance Transducers
The new line of Explora high-performance transducers has been specially designed for maximum acoustic efficiency allowing greater penetration and resolution with minimal artifacts. They also have dramatically lighter and flexible cables to reduce operator strain and fatigue.
The S5-1 transducer
With exclusive PureWave crystal technology incorporates the biggest breakthrough in transducer material in 40 years. PureWave replaces traditional PZT ceramics with a crystal that provides the most efficient transmission of ultrasound energy into the body. The result is a transducer with the bandwidth of two conventional adult transducers, thus decreasing the need for multiple transducer selection, and dramatically enhanced border detection for easier, more accurate cardiac measurement, even on the most difficult patient types.
The X3-1
Fully sampled matrix array for Live 3D and Live xPlane imaging allows sonographers to image even more of the adult patient population. Its small size and aperture fits better between adult ribs and improves the imaging of technically difficult patients.
The X7-2
Transducer combines two key technologies – xMATRIX and PureWave – for remarkable Live 3D Echo images in small pediatric patients.

The S7-2 omni TEE transducer with true electrocautery suppression and harmonic imaging enhances imaging during surgery.

Fifth Generation Live 3D Echo Imaging
Extraordinarily fast image acquisition and image processing allow true, instantaneous, real-time 3D imaging. The proven versatility of Live 3D Echo imaging, made possible by Philips xMATRIX technology, enables quick acquisition, manipulation and quantification of fullvolume data sets. With the iE33 system’s unprecedented processing capability clinicians can explore new applications for quicker and more confident diagnosis.

On-Cart Cardiac Quantification
Measurement of cardiac function and anatomy, especially in 3D, can be a time-consuming and costly task, often relegated to the research environment and expensive off-line systems. The iE33 system with QLAB 3DQ (3D Quantification) now allows the physician in a clinical setting to use ultrasound to rapidly measure the true full volume of the left ventricle (LV) in less than a minute, with little operator intervention. The ejection fraction, the amount of blood pumped from the heart with each beat, can also be measured quickly and easily without the need for expensive post-processing systems or traditional, invasive scanning methods. Other quantification capabilities available on the system include: 2D and 3D distance, area, length, LV mass, strain, intima media thickness (IMT), and region of interest (ROI). In addition, the physician can now evaluate global LV volume and the regional volume of 17 segments of the heart. These new quantification capabilities result in faster workflow and potentially quicker diagnosis by reducing the need for further exams. QLAB is automated to facilitate exam throughput and can be taken off-line to a standard PC or PACS to maximize system productivity.

Breakthrough Ergonomics

The iE33 system
Is the first echocardiography system to provide the foundation for a nearly perfect ergonomic scanning environment. Every inch of the system including its fullyarticulating control panel, its new, lighter transducer cables, its angled, easy-access transducer connectors, the iCOMMAND voice recognition and its one-button intelligent optimization, has been designed to reduce operator fatigue and injuries while improving exam workflow. The unique LCD flat screen technology, designed specifically for medical applications, provides a new level of high resolution, no distortion image display. Ultra-bright, flicker-less technology reduces eyestrain and the monitor can be easily adjusted to almost any viewing position to satisfy any scanning challenge and allow shared patient viewing.
Voice Recognition
Exclusive Philips iCOMMAND voice recognition, based on the recognition engine of Philips Speech Magic technology, recognizes more than 2300 commands to eliminate awkward scanning positions, provide more imaging flexibility in tight locations and leave two hands available for scanning and patient manipulation or comfort. Unlike many other speech recognition technologies, iCOMMAND can provide accuracy of 95 percent at start-up for most native speakers and can be optimized for more challenging speech patterns with only a few minutes of training. Speech recognition on the iE33 system is currently available in five different languages (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish).
Intelligent Automation
One of the most intriguing examples of the system’s intelligence is its ability to dynamically adjust as many as 40 different controls, in a variety of functions, with one button. This intelligent automation is designed to improve workflow and create more consistent results across operators with varying skill levels.

 Benefits for Professionals and Patients

  • Early clinical use by physicians indicates that the Philips iE33 system has the potential to:
  • Help patients better visualize and understand their condition
  • Help identify the nature and extent of heart disease earlier
  • Enhance the physician’s diagnostic capability, thus reducing or eliminating the need for more expensive or invasive tests and procedures
  • Provide clearer ultrasound images of difficult-to-image (larger) patients