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FLEX 10® XE Ablation Probe

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Boston Scientif
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The FLEX 10® XE Ablation Probe for the Guidant Microwave Ablation System is an intraoperative, sterile, single-use device designed to apply microwave energy to tissue. The microwave energy is generated by the Guidant 1000 Series Microwave Generator that is sold separately.The FLEX 10® XE Ablation Probe (see Figure A) includes a 24 cm long rigid handle, followed by a metallic shaft, a flexible sheath, and a guide lead. The FLEX 10® XE Ablation Probe further includes a 2 m long insulated coaxial cable which attaches to the generator output cable connector. The emitted microwave energy is directed toward the target tissue from the active surface opposite the corresponding numbered segment, and creates a continuous lesion approximately 26 mm long. The black markers indicate the shielded side of each numbered segment. The ablations are created by independently activating the microwave ablation element at one or more of the corresponding numbered segments (see Figure D), which are selected by moving the sliding ring on the handle.

The Guidant Microwave Ablation System is indicated for the surgical ablation of soft tissue and striated, cardiac, and smooth muscles. The system is a device indicated for use, under direct visualization, in surgical procedures, including minimally invasive cardiac surgery procedures. The probes ablate the target tissue by creating an inflammatory response, or thermal necrosis.