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Wyse Zero

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The Wyse Zero™ engine - technology powering a new world of cloud connected smart devices
The market for cloud connected smart devices is exploding – from desktop to mobile to handheld. Is your company developing a device strategy to take advantage of this opportunity? 
Wyse is – and it’s Wyse Zero. 

The Wyse Zero engine is software technology that simplifies the development of cloud connected smart devices – it’s already in use in millions of devices, including thin clients, handheld smart devices, and zero clients. It connects users to cloud computing services and virtual desktops with efficient communications and protocol technology. For example, Wyse PocketCloud uses Wyse Zero functionality to expand the iPhone and iPad browsing capability to include Flash support, by intelligently using cloud resources.

If you’re looking to gain an edge in this market, start with something mature, tested, and purpose-built. Wyse can help with portable software technology for use in building the next generation of smart devices connecting to the internet and/or cloud services to provide virtual desktop access. Wyse Zero addresses limitations with current embedded options, which can be up to 1GB or more in size, and require time to boot and initialize. Since Wyse Zero is original technology, it does not need to be protected like Windows or Linux-based embedded products.

The Wyse Zero engine delivers several benefits:

  • Rich – Includes networking, management, and protocol technology
  • Small – under 4MB reduces product costs, and simplifies management and update strategy
  • Fast – does not require an underlying operating system, starts instantly, and provides a fast user experience
  • Secure – no attack surface, so no vulnerability to virus and malware threats