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Wi-Fi Management

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The Xirrus Management System (XMS) provides a powerful platform for central management of a Xirrus Wi-Fi Array network. The XMS automatically discovers, configures, and monitors an Array network, and can scale from single site to large scale, multi-site deployments.



  • Central management of the entire Wi-Fi Array network
  • Continual monitoring of Wi-Fi network status and performance
  • Control and maintain configurations across all Arrays
  • Value Delivered
  • Track and analyze Wi-Fi network usage and growth over time
  • Fast and simple roll out of Wi-Fi network configuration changes
  • Automatic alerting of network issues with drill down troubleshooting


The XMS utilizes a client/server architecture. The central XMS server provides an aggregation point for configuration and monitoring of all managed Arrays. The client provides the application interface to the user and can be run across the network from any standard Java-enabled browser. The XMS is available as a server appliance or as a stand-alone application for operation on a Windows server.

Key Features

  • Automatic network discovery of Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays "out-of-the-box"
  • Policy-based configuration for easy set up of one or many Arrays
  • Consolidated Dashboard view of Array, Radio, Station, Security, Performance, and Alarm status
  • Hundreds of statistics on all aspects of Array and Station status and performance
  • Centralized view and classification of rogue APs and wireless devices
  • Aggregated view of alarms and syslogs for fault monitoring of the entire Array network
  • Overview and drill-down reports of throughput, stations, security, channel usage, etc
  • Push software upgrades to one or more Arrays simultaneously
  • Database-driven, high-performance engine scales for large deployments across multiple locations

Network Discovery

  • Automatically discover Xirrus Arrays across multiple subnets - anywhere in your IP network
  • Discover newly installed Arrays "out-of-the-box" without any configuration using preset defaults
  • Arrays can automatically alert the XMS that new equipment has been installed on the network
  • Configuration Management
  • Assign and configure newly discovered Arrays with default or pre-selected policies
  • Create policies pulled from one Array, then replicate across many
  • Save time by using configuration templates and applying them to individual or groups of Arrays as required
  • Execute software upgrades for individual or groups of Arrays at one time or on schedule


Real-time Monitoring 

  • Dashboard view providing real-time summary of Throughput, Array, Radio (IAPs), Station, Security, and Alarm information with drill down filtering
  • Detailed views of Arrays, Radios, Stations, and SSIDs with hundreds of selectable and sortable status and statistics
  • View resources filtered by defined groups of Arrays
  • Aggregated view of Alarms, Events, and Syslogs presented in sortable and searchable views
  • Automated email notifications triggered by Alarm or Event thresholds


  • Place and manage Arrays by physical location via defined maps
  • Import .jpg or .gif images of buildings, floor plans, etc
  • Create and manage by location via hierarchical map structure
  • Launch Array-specific commands directly from map


  • Detailed, pre-defined reports provide assessment of Array network performance over time
  • Time-based filtering of report information by day, week, month, year or customized intervals
  • Location and Array group-based filtering of report information