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VEGA System Mobile Intelligent Device Manager - IDM 1000

Company Name: 
Nuvon, Inc.

Nuvon’s new mobile Medical Grid Intelligent Device Manager, the IDM-MG 1000, is a mobile point-of-care appliance based
on Nuvon’s FDA cleared VEGA™ System platform. The IDMMG 1000 is fully equipped and designed to securely capture and transmit biomedical patient device data at the patient’s bedside, to the EMR and other clinical information systems. The IDM-MG 1000 provides automated device identification achieved through Autoinstallation™ and Autodiscovery™ features of the Nuvon VEGA™ System for biomedical devices, eliminating manual set-up and configuration.

In addition to its mobile functionality the IDM-MG 1000 includes a built-in medical grade barcode scanner that makes positive patient identification (PPI) a more efficient process. After patient identification takes place, device data is communicated and securelytransmitted to the patient’s electronic medical record (EMR) and/or other clinical information management system. Whether in the home, or in
an acute care facility, the system enables secure capture and transmission of patient device data with its reliable, secure
“store and forward” capability.

The IDM-MG 1000 provides the ability for clinicians to simply “tap” the LCD screen to enter secure user validation parameters (e.g. Login and Password), as well as data entry that does not require use of a stylus, computer mouse or keyboard (e.g. touch screen LCD). The user interface display has brightness control for the touch panel backlight and is color blind compatible for all visual parameters. Its sleek, high-tech design and small form factor make the IDM-MG 1000 a truly portable appliance with far-reaching capabilities. 


  • Enhanced patient care, safety, and satisfaction: Nurses are now able to focus the majority of their time caring for their patients, not on charting.
  •  Increased clinician workflow efficiency: Clinicians can review patient biomedical device data without having to wait for them to be charted manually, and they can log in remotely to check on patient data.
  • Time and cost savings/productivity capacity for hospital: Nurses can approve and automatically transmit patient data at the bedside directly to the patient’s record without time consuming delays for transcription of patient device data.
  • Improved accuracy: Medical device connectivity enables the secure transmission of device data to a patient’s record, significantly eliminating the opportunity for errors.
  • Hospital is positioned for future growth:Nuvon’s vendor agnostic solution is scalable, cost-effective, and has a secure infrastructure—it’s the solution for today, and for the future.