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UCrypt - Premium Content Delivery

Company Name: 
ATX Networks

ATX’s UCrypt® product offering is designed to support MSOs with the delivery of content into hospitality and bulk accounts directly from the HFC plant without the use of set-top boxes.

The UCrypt® line of products enables decryption of multiple HD and SD programs via cable card and outputs content in either ‘clear’ or Pro:Idiom® encrypted format.The UCrypt® Remote Video Monitor (RVM) allows MSOs to remotely monitor live Pro:Idiom® encrypted (or in-the-clear) video from any UCrypt® product version deployed in the field or in a headend/hub.

Hotel & Hospitality providers are constantly trying to improve the experience their guests have during their stay. The ATX UCrypt gives cable providers the ability to provide the highest quality entertainment offering in the market at competitive prices. The UCrypt is a rack mount server using Ceton technology to allow digital cable providers to tailor channel lineups and television distribution methods to demanding hospitality markets.Product line features four configurations to integrate easily with new or existing systems.