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SpectraGuard Planner

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AirTight Networks

AirTight Planner 5.0 and Planning Services simplify 802.11n deployments
Whether investing in a new 802.11n WLAN network (or) migrating from a legacy a/b/g WLAN network or phasing introduction of 11n network, organizations face key challenges when considering an 802.11n infrastructure or WIDPS deployment including:

  • Ensuring interoperability/backward compatibility with legacy a/b/g equipment
  • Phasing 11n equipment into an existing a/b/g infrastructure without doing a forklift upgrade
  • Simplifying deployments given that 802.11n enabled devices require more power
  • Maximizing performance of business critical applications

802.11n WLAN Coverage Estimator

  • This free interactive utility provides organizations a better understanding of how 802.11n impacts their environment and estimates the WLAN coverage, security, and bill-of-materials as well as the cost of 802.11n rollouts.
  • Get Started. It's Free!

SpectraGuard Planner 5.0
An enhanced version of AirTight’s planning software designed to optimize both 802.11n infrastructure and WIPS deployment for existing or new deployments. AirTight’s SpectraGuard Planner provides easy to use wizard-driven pre-deployment RF planning capabilities for customers struggling with planning a new 802.11n deployment or 802.11a/b/g to 802.11n migration.

  • Wizard based workflow for both WLAN Capacity Planning and WIPS Planning
  • AutoCAD support including Automatic Obstacle Placement and Layer Based Material Selection
  • Deployment workflow for Sensors and APs
  • - Automatic AP Placement
  • - Auto Channel Selection
  • - Auto Power Selection

Security Planning Services
AirTight security planning team can generate wireless scanner placement plans for you. Just provide us with the floormaps (JPEG or GIF) for the building floors that you want to protect. AirTight security planning team will provide you with detailed wireless scanner placement reports (View Sample) within 5 business days.