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Sapphire Sonar

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Sapphire Sonar is a surrogate quality of service (QoS) application, which provides the source of QoS-type traffic for the Sapphire Eye - Sapphire Sonar connection (active end-to-end measurements of data traffic through the LAN to and from end-user wireless devices). Sapphire Sonar applications are used to emulate the installation’s real application servers without distracting them from their primary duties or putting additional load on the network’s hardware. Together, the Sapphire Eyes and the Sapphire Sonar applications initiate uplink and downlink exercises, while measuring simulated voice calls, file transfers, and other live-session traffic. Sapphire Sonar server applications are located with the end-user application on the hardwire LAN, so that Sapphire System measures the health and performance of the entire network (helps healthcare organizations meet ISO 80001 standards) end-to-end, not just the function of the wireless segment.