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Restrictions Enforcement

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 AirWatch enables IT administrators to restrict iPhone, iPod touch and iPad features and functionality to meet an enterprise's security requirements. Device restrictions are configured and enforced using signed and encrypted configuration profiles which AirWatch manages remotely. AirWatch monitors devices for total compliance with corporate restrictions lists and removes access to corporate services if devices are compromised.

With AirWatch, enterprises can establish device restrictions upon MDM enrollment. For AirWatch managed devices, IT administrators can dynamically enforce and update device restrictions, as well as monitor and prevent non-compliant users from accessing corporate services.
With AirWatch, IT administrators can:
  • Restrict the use of Safari and manage security preferences
  • Restrict the use of YouTube
  • Restrict the use of the camera
  • Restrict access to iTunes Store
  • Restrict access to explicitly rated media and content
  • Restrict access to App Store and in-app purchase
  • Restrict app installation
  • Restrict screen capture
  • Restrict automatic sync while roaming
  • Restrict the use of voice dialing
  • Require encrypted iTunes backups