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Power Management

Company Name: 
Active Power, Inc.

Active Power provides a variety of system visibility and management tools to improve your awareness of power-related events and ultimately increase your power system reliability. From baseline Data Integration to Active Power’s proprietary CleanSource View (CSView) monitoring and control software, to our leave-it-all-to-us Remote Monitoring Services – we can offer you the degree of system visibility and service that you need to manage your critical power infrastructure.


1. Data Integration to Your Building Management Software

  • Provides the most basic level of performance data integration

  • Order with your CleanSource UPS and seamlessly integrate Active Power UPS system performance into your Building Management Software (BMS) system

  • Connectivity options:


  • SNMP

2. Active Power CSView Monitoring & Control Software

  • Enables constant visibility of your critical power infrastructure via a unique, user-friendly software tool from virtually anywhere

  • Provides real-time telemetry in a variety of intuitive formats via continuous monitoring and evaluation of your Active Power systems

  • Accessible on site or from anywhere in the world

  • Cell Phone, PDA, Email Notification

  • Connectivity options:

  • Serial Connection

  • Modem Connection

  • Ethernet Connection

3. Active Power Monitoring Services Utilizing CSView

  • Ensure pure peace of mind by pairing CSView software with remote monitoring service – then focus on your business

  • Receive all the benefits of CSView monitoring and control software, plus the professional expertise of our service engineers

  • With a modem connection, your system notifies Active Power of critical conditions so we can remotely diagnose potential issues and contact you PROACTIVELY with an action plan

  • Monitoring services entitle you to a monthly review and report on your system performance