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Key performance indicators (KPI)

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The Sapphire System can be programmed to gather performance data from up to 200 KPIs of the network. KPIs can be categorized for review in the Sapphire Workstation server. Active testing KPIs include L1-L4 Access Success and Failures (18 tests), L2 - L7 Session Retainability (12 tests), Cell Handover Quality (6 tests), Application Quality (9 tests), Round Trip Time (4 tests), IP Traffic Behavior (6 tests), and Radio Signal Quality (9 tests). Passive testing consists of monitoring the live network traffic and identifying KPI’s from Access Point Availability (4 indicators), Access Point Radio Signal Quality (9 indicators), Access Point Security (4 indicators), AP and Client Traffic (19 indicators), and Spectrum Analysis (3 indicators).

KPI’s are converted to intuitive graphical reports and charts that display Radio Attach Success Rates, VOIP Test Success Rates, MOS Uplink and Downlink scores, AP Beacon Availability, Client Signal Levels and Client SNRs, amongst others.