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HP V110 Wireless-N Router Series

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The HP V110 Wireless-N Router Series IEEE 802.11n wireless LAN (WLAN) routers are ideal first networking devices for building a small business data network with a secure connection to the Internet. This all-in-one solution combines 1) a router that connects a local network with the Internet, 2) a firewall to guard the network's Internet connection, 3) a four-port wired Fast Ethernet switch for local wired connections, and 4) an advanced IEEE 802.11n wireless access point for connecting wireless users who have backward compatibility with older 11b and 11g standards. You can use the routers in networks with up to 253 total wired and wireless users, including up to 32 wireless users.

The series has three models. For environments with an Internet connection and a local cable modem, choose the HP V100 Cable/DSL Wireless-N Router. Also available are V110 routers that connect directly to ADSL Internet services: the ADSL-A router for DSL over POTS and the ADSL-B router for DSL over ISDN.