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HiveManager Network Management System

Company Name: 
Aerohive Networks

 Aerohive's HiveManager NMS is a central management system for Aerohive HiveAPs. HiveManager enables simple policy creation, firmware upgrades, configuration updates, and centralized monitoring throughout the entire Aerohive deployment, whether building-wide, campus-wide, or global - all from a single console. Because the HiveManager is not actively involved in passing traffic or in making forwarding decisions, it eliminates the traffic bottlenecks and complexities of controller-based solutions, particularly in distributed environments. So control is distributed, while management is centralized. Essentially, the HiveManager solution delivers the benefits of both autonomous APs and controller-based solutions, without the drawbacks of either approach.

All of the HiveManager platforms support two modes of operation. Express Mode provides a simplified work flow with full functionality while Enterprise Mode delivers complete configuration flexibility for complex enterprise deployments. A seamless upgrade path from Express Mode to Enterprise Mode and between all four HiveManager products enables Aerohive enterprise wireless LAN solutions to grow along with you.

 Aerohive's HiveManager NMS family includes:


  • HiveManager Online
  • HiveManager VMware virtual appliance
  • HiveManager 1U hardware appliance, which supports up to 500 access points
  • HiveManager 2U hardware appliance, which provides redundancy and supports up to 5,000 access points



  •  HiveManager is accessible via a web browser on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X, providing an application-like AJAX interface with which to access the device.
  • With advanced features like zero-configuration deployment and virtual HiveManagers, HiveManager offers market-leading features, segmentation, and ease of use.