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HiveAP 300 Series 802.11n Access Points

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Aerohive Networks

The Aerohive Networks HiveAP 300 series, including the HiveAP 340 and HiveAP  320, is a family of high performing and highly reliable 802.11n access points (APs). The HiveAP 300 series APs provide high performance dual concurrent (2.4GHz and 5GHz) 802.11n (3x3) MIMO as well as dual 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports. Dual Ethernet ports allow the access points to use link aggregation to double performance  or ensure reliability with redundant links. This allows the performance advantage of dual radio 802.11n to be seen even when connected through legacy 10/100 switches. When connected to two separate switches, the dual links can be used for 

redundant data connectivity in case one of the switches fails. The HiveAP 340 adds support for redundant power (PoE) as well.
For a simple and cost-effective solution for outdoor enterprise 802.11n deployments, Aerohive offers an outdoor accessory for the HiveAP 340. With internal thermal management, sunshield and NEMA4X water resistance rating, the outdoor enclosure is designed to enable the HiveAP 340 to be deployed in outdoor and harsh indoor environments.

The outdoor enclosure features industry standard outdoor Type-N RF connectors and can be installed using flexible wall or pole mounting options..802.11n is poised to revolutionize today's Wireless LANs, with increased performance and reliability. Aerohive's innovative controller-less Cooperative Control Architecture is the ideal foundation for 802.11n, eliminating the bottlenecks and single point of failure posed by controller-based architectures. Instead, Cooperative Control Access Points (CC-APs) organize themselves into groups, or hives, which can take advantage of the benefits offered by 802.11n.

  • SLA Compliance Monitoring and Response
  • Wireless VPN
  • Increased Network Capacity with Airtime Management


  • The SLA compliance solution for the HiveAP 300 series brings determinism and visibility to the wireless network by enabling IT administrators to establish, monitor, and deliver reliable service to client devices.
  • Performance and connection quality are  continuously compared to target service levels, and the network automatically responds when service levels do not meet those targets. 
  • SLA compliance is reported to HiveManager so that administrators have access to organized, systematic reports of issues for analysis and capacity planning purposes
  • The wireless VPN functionality enables the HiveAP 300 series products to create VPN
  • tunnels to provide secure wireless connectivity to branch offices and telecommuters.
  • Aerohive’s wireless VPN is a Layer 2 IPSec solution that is far easier to configure, deploy, and manage than competing solutions. The flexible solution maintains complete HiveAP functionality across the network.
  • Aerohive’s Dynamic Airtime Scheduling enables faster clients, like 802.11n laptops, to get equal access to the airtime rather than allowing legacy or slow clients to monopolize the airtime.
  • In addition Dynamic Airtime Scheduling can also track retries and manage upstream traffic to protect the network from misbehaving clients or users.
  • Overall, Dynamic Airtime Scheduling can increase network capacity by up to 10x just by keeping slow or legacy clients from dominating the airtime.