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GetWell Town

Company Name: 
GetWellNetwork, Inc.

At GetWellNetwork, we provide the most effective way for hospitals to engage patients in their care. Via the bedside TV, our interactive systems enable real-time feedback for service recovery and active participation in the care process, leading to better outcomes for patients and hospitals alike. Now, with the opening of GetWell TownTM, we’ve developed the first and only bedside pediatric system, opening an exciting new animated world that lets patients and families learn and play.


  • More than 160 educational videos available in English and Spanish.
  • Comprehension is enhanced through parent, kid and teen specialized language.
  • Questions following each video check for understanding. Responses can be automatically documented in the patient chart or sent to the appropriate caregiver for follow up.
  • Informative discharge handouts are provided for each video.
  • Asthma Education Suite recently recognized by the Freddie Awards for exceptional work in health media.


  • Exclusive pediatric education: Through an exclusive partnership with KidsHealth®, GetWellNetwork offers more than 160 best-in-class pediatric patient education programs specifically designed for parents, kids and teens. Topics range from asthma and diabetes to tests and procedures and post-procedural care.
  • Password-protected parental controls: Parents can modify the patient experience with flexible options to restrict access to movies, games, television, Internet, patient education and more.
  • Games, games, games!: In GetWell Town, patients have access to all the games they have at home and can even attach their own game consoles, alleviating infection control concerns.
  • Child Life Programs: GetWell Town is all about treating the whole child and their family –and that includes making sure patients don’t miss out on fun activities. Interactive prompts help drive participation in hospital events and offer in-room alternatives so everyone’s included.