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 Ubiquitous Carrier Ethernet Service Delivery

Deploying our FSP 150CC devices in service-demarcation and network-termination applications enables you to deliver ubiquitous Carrier Ethernet services over a wide range of transport alternatives. These include the extension of services over fiber, PDH and SONET/SDH facilities. Our FSP 150CC can support your multi-site enterprise and mobile backhaul applications over a variety of leased or owned facilities. And it provides a common and consistent customer experience guaranteed by our Etherjack® demarcation technology.

Hierarchical Scheduling and Timing Excellence

Differentiate your EPL and EVPL services from competition with advanced service definition and our low-latency forwarding technology. Our FSP 150CC features individual quality-of-service profiles by utilizing the MEF-certified UNI function, which includes support for a large number of EVCs and hierarchical traffic management. With Syncjack™ technology, our FSP 150CC also enables you to cost-effectively deliver highly accurate synchronization information, making it the ideal solution for tomorrow’s mobile backhaul networks.

Are You Defining Strict QoS Commitments for Your Services?

With our FSP 150CC you will achieve highest service availability by handling multi-priority traffic, while ensuring latency, jitter and packet delivery performance. Our Etherjack® demarcation technology allows you to provide an intelligent Ethernet service demarcation point that is compliant with the latest OAM standards. Focusing on scalability and interoperability, our implementation of 802.3ah, 802.1ag, Y.1731 and RFC 2544 enables seamless end-to-end performance management, even across third-party networks.