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eP Shield

Company Name: 
eP Shield

eP Shield is the first network counterintelligence solution, at 10 times the speed and 1/10 the cost of traditional intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS).

  • Network security multi-tool, including analysis, compliance enforcement, packet filtration, firewall, router, end-to-end encryption, and IDS/IPS (intrusion detection and prevention) functions.
  • Security policy enforcement between the network and connected devices, delivering 100% visibility into information flowing between protected nodes.
  • Early and accurate detection and prevention of threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Ongoing monitoring by a team of experts, without added support fees.
  • 10 times the speed and 1/10 the cost of competing solutions.
  • Easy, seamless implementation won’t interrupt or slow down network.
  • Designed for high-use clinical imaging (PACS) medical device networks.
  • High-tolerance design minimizing single points of failure.
  • High-port density allows multiple devices to be protected.
  • Packet filtration capabilities limit access to sensitive data.
  • Encryption analysis and verification ensures HIPAA compliance. End-to-end encryption can be provided for non-compliant devices lacking encryption capabilities.
  • Flow recordings allow for historical forensics in the unlikely event of a breach.
  • Flexibility to mix and match analysis, compliance, firewall, IDS/IPS functions as needed.


  • Unmatched Network Security & Monitoring
  • Faster, Healthier Data, Built for Healthcare