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Enterprise App Distribution

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AirWatch’s enterprise app catalog provides organizations with a simplified tool to distribute internal applications to individual iOS devices or groups of devices. Using the AirWatch console, enterprises can upload in-house apps, categorize and organize them for deployment, wirelessly distribute them to the appropriate devices, manage and secure user access.


  • Enterprise apps developed internally can be uploaded directly into the AirWatch console for wireless distribution app and management. Detailed application information, screenshots, videos, PDFs and more can be uploaded and will be visible to iOS users in the AirWatch app catalog. The AirWatch app catalog is a fully customizable portal where iOS users can view and download internal apps directly from their device.
  • AirWatch supports over the air distribution of enterprise in-house apps, allowing businesses to deploy software to iOS users without the use of iTunes or iPhone Configuration Utility. IT administrators have the ability to deploy apps to individual devices or groups of devices based on criteria such as user role, location, device type and more.
  • AirWatch provides a full audit of applications installed on a device, for usage visibility, troubleshooting and more. IT administrators can also manage new application versions and send updates over the airdirectly from the console.
  • AirWatch allows only authorized iOS users to access the enterprise app catalog and can enable and disable the use of any enterprise app at any time to meet enterprise security and compliance requirements.