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Cloud Computing with Wyse

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Cloud Computing with Wyse Cloud Computing involves using information technology as a service over the network. Services with an API accessible over the Internet Using compute and storage resources as a service Built on the notion of efficiency above all Using your own datacenter servers, or renting someone else’s in granular increments, or a combination We at Wyse believe cloud computing has the potential to change how we invent, develop, deploy, scale, update, maintain, and pay for applications and the infrastructure on which they run.



  • Efficiency: Drives cost out of the delivery of services, eliminating capital expense in favor of more easily managed operating expense
  • Agility:Increases speed and agility in deploying services, adapting to seasonal or cyclical computing needs
  • Speed:Shortens implementation cycle time
  • Flexibility:With application deployment decoupled from server deployment, applications can be deployed and scaled rapidly, without having to procure physical servers
  • Ubiquity :Applications can be made available anywhere, any time
  • Cost avoidance:Minimizes the risk of deploying physical infrastructure, lowering the cost of entry, thin devices enable Green IT
  • Accelerated innovation:Reduces run time and response time, increasing the pace of innovation