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Company Name: 
AXEL Enterprise INC

Designed and manufactured by AXEL, the AX3000 Terminal allows Ethernet TCP/IP or wireless connections in both text and graphics sessions to all popular multi-user operating systems: Windows, Unix/Linux, AS/400, S/390, etc.

The terminal is available in black or white.

The M85 benefits from a VERY HIGH PERFORMANCE graphics engine in addition to full support for text applications.
The M85 is recommended for users who require predominantly a GRAPHICS terminal. Full concurrent support for character applications is the same as the M65


  • Wireless interface (optional)
  • High resolution and "true color" mode
  • RDP and ICA protocols for Windows
  • Virtual Desktop (VMware View client & Citrix XEN Desktop)
  • VNC protocol for Unix/Linux
  • TCP/IP text connection to Unix/Linux, AS/400, S/390..
  • The M85 is a superset of the M65