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Aerohive Wireless LAN (WLAN)

Company Name: 
Aerohive Networks


 Aerohive’s cooperative control WLAN access points (HiveAPs) require no network controllers or overlay networks. Instead, software in the HiveAPs enables them to self-organize into groups called Hives.

The result is enterprise-class network management and security without the cost, performance, and availability issues associated with controller-based deployments. Cooperative control eliminates the controller as a single point of failure, making the system more reliable. It also increases performance by eliminating the data bottleneck that controllers create – especially in 802.11n networks where increased bandwidth can cause choke points at the controller.

“We believe being positioned in the ‘Visionaries’ quadrant of the Magic Quadrant, is affirmation of our controller-less WLAN architecture, and is an indicator of the future of WLANs,” said David Flynn, chief executive officer, Aerohive. “Aerohive’s pioneering architecture eliminates the need for WLAN controllers and facilitates cloud-enabled networking to provide customers with high-performance, highly-reliable, scalable, secure, and cost-effective wireless solutions. Aerohive’s solutions deliver the visibility and control required by enterprises to maximize the productive use of mobile internet devices and the cost effective deployment and management of Wi-Fi as the primary access layer.




  • Aerohive HiveManager Online is a cloud-based enterprise Wi-Fi management solution that provides all the features and functionality of a behind-the-firewall wireless network management system (WNMS) without the installation,
  • Operation, and maintenance associated with a dedicated management server and at dramatically lower cost.
  •  Unlike alternative solutions, failures in the WAN link or cloud-deployed controller, do not impact the on-going operation of the Wireless LAN.
  • This is because no data goes to the cloud and no control or policy enforcement functions (Authentication, Roaming, and QoS) are carried out in the cloud. 




  • Simplest,
  • Most reliable,
  • Most flexible,
  • Most scalable
  • Most cost effective in the industry.