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The 7signal Sapphire System

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7signal’s Sapphire System is a unique hardware/software network overlay using special monitoring stations: “Sapphire Eyes”. Permanently installed, the Sapphire Eyes constantly and automatically monitor any wireless LAN from a true end-to-end perspective.

The Sapphire System monitors the radio environment, provides quality metrics and performs end-to-end application tests 24/7. The Sapphire System allows IT staff to predict problems and failure points for proactive corrective measures before end-users could ever notice a problem. With a Sapphire System installed, you can:

  • Meet new ISO 80001 requirements
    • Provides the network management tools and documentation required by ISO 80001 in healthcare applications
  • Enhance QoS for wireless LANs
    • Enables SLAs for hospital and other mission-critical networks
  • Achieve a high ROI
    • Optimize the WLAN infrastructure
    • Transitions WLAN support from time-consuming trouble-shooting to proactive up-time management
  • Sapphire Systems are designed to be easy to use and install :
    • WLAN-vendor-independent solution
    • Centralized and automated 24/7 network monitoring and reporting
    • Allows for secure remote monitoring