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UCrypt - Premium Content Delivery


ATX’s UCrypt® product offering is designed to support MSOs with the delivery of content into hospitality and bulk accounts directly from the HFC plant without the use of set-top boxes.

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Designed and manufactured by AXEL, the AX3000 Terminal allows Ethernet TCP/IP or wireless connections in both text and graphics sessions to all popular multi-user operating systems: Windows, Unix/Linux, AS/400, S/390, etc.

The terminal is available in black or white.

The M85 benefits from a VERY HIGH PERFORMANCE graphics engine in addition to full support for text applications.
The M85 is recommended for users who require predominantly a GRAPHICS terminal. Full concurrent support for character applications is the same as the M65


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With IPScan® any TWAIN compliant remote scanner can be managed remotely over the network whether it is connected to a thin client terminal or desktop PC, resulting in improved management, reduced costs as well as enhanced application integration. IPScan® gives you the ability to quickly and easily allocate an IP address and port to the remote scanner that will be managed remotely including central management across the WAN (Wide Area Network).

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High Performance WLAN - Meraki MR16 Access Point


Designed for demanding office environments, MR16 offers twice the throughput and performance of MR12, and provides high-speed, reliable and cost-effective wireless coverage even in the most challenging indoor RF scenarios. Only available with Enterprise Cloud Controller.


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Patient-Centric Health Data Integration

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PoGE (Power over Gigabit Ethernet)

The Xirrus XP Power over Gigabit Ethernet (PoGE) system provides a simple, low cost means to remotely power Xirrus Arrays. The PoGE system delivers DC power in-line with the Array's Gigabit Ethernet data connection. The injector, which typically resides in the wiring closet, sits between the switch and the Array and injects power on the Ethernet cable allowing data and power to be delivered over a single line. The systems can provide up to 95W of 48VDC power over up to 100m of Category 5e or 6 cable.


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Power over Gigabit Ethernet XP1-MSI-75


  • 1-port Power over Gigabit Ethernet Midspan Injector
  • Up to 75W DC power over Cat5e or Cat6 cabling
  • Support one XN4, XN8, XN12, XS4, or XS8
  • Can be used to power the PoE Outdoor Protective Enclosure XE-4000-POE

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Power over Gigabit Ethernet XP8-MSI


  • 8-port Power over Gigabit Ethernet Midspan Injector
  • Up to 60W DC power over Cat5e or Cat6 cabling
  • One injector supports up to eight Arrays (up to eight XS4, eight XN4, eight XS8, four XN8, or four XS16)

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