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ShoreTel Mobility


The ShoreTel Mobility Router is an innovative and highly scalable network appliance that fuses enterprise wireless LANs, carrier cellular networks, IP telephony and location technology to extend voice and Unified Communications (UC) to mobile devices.

The router lets users make and receive calls from both the enterprise and personal mobile phone numbers by automatically selecting the best network (Wi-Fi or cellular) with fast and automatic network handover, to optimize cost, call quality and battery life.

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The 7signal Sapphire System

7signal’s Sapphire System is a unique hardware/software network overlay using special monitoring stations: “Sapphire Eyes”. Permanently installed, the Sapphire Eyes constantly and automatically monitor any wireless LAN from a true end-to-end perspective.

The Sapphire System monitors the radio environment, provides quality metrics and performs end-to-end application tests 24/7. The Sapphire System allows IT staff to predict problems and failure points for proactive corrective measures before end-users could ever notice a problem. With a Sapphire System installed, you can:

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Sapphire Sonar


Sapphire Sonar is a surrogate quality of service (QoS) application, which provides the source of QoS-type traffic for the Sapphire Eye - Sapphire Sonar connection (active end-to-end measurements of data traffic through the LAN to and from end-user wireless devices). Sapphire Sonar applications are used to emulate the installation’s real application servers without distracting them from their primary duties or putting additional load on the network’s hardware.

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Sapphire Workstation


Sapphire Workstation is an integrated DB2 database, measurement, user-interface and reporting tool for IT administrators. The Sapphire Workstation gathers the wireless activity transmitted by the “always-on” Sapphire Eye’s for real-time (proactive management enables action before end-users experience a problem) analysis and graphical display. The Sapphire Workstation also has protocols to allow IT administrators protected access from non-secure, remote locations (flexibility for 24/7 monitoring).

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WQA testing


WQA is comprehensively measured through automated passive and active testing. Passive testing consists of standard, live, protocol and spectral capturing. During active testing, the Sapphire Eyes operate like typical QoS client devices. Typically, each Sapphire Eye is individually associated to an average of 6 APs in the network, depending on layout, and performs various test functions, including QoS communications through the entire network to a Sapphire Sonar server. The test scripts can be easily customized by IT support staff.

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Key performance indicators (KPI)


The Sapphire System can be programmed to gather performance data from up to 200 KPIs of the network. KPIs can be categorized for review in the Sapphire Workstation server. Active testing KPIs include L1-L4 Access Success and Failures (18 tests), L2 - L7 Session Retainability (12 tests), Cell Handover Quality (6 tests), Application Quality (9 tests), Round Trip Time (4 tests), IP Traffic Behavior (6 tests), and Radio Signal Quality (9 tests).

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Sapphire Remote Viewer


Sapphire Remote Viewer is a (HTTP browser based) monitoring and reporting tool for displaying the graphical data presentations and analysis available at the Sapphire Workstation. Sapphire Remote Viewer allows access from a number of remote sites without the need for software installation. Communications are encrypted for security compliance.

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Dashboard view

The Sapphire Workstation graphical reporting interface offers an intuitive dashboard-view with color-coding for quick recognition of “Normal”, “Warning” or “Trouble” events. Since the reporting engine is browser-based, remote administrators can login securely and view the network performance through an Internet connection using Sapphire Remote Viewer. The graphical reports can also be output in text, CSV, or PDF formats.

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