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Mobile Email Gateway (MEG)

AirWatch’s Secure Email Gateway provides an added layer of visibility and control on top of the existing corporate email infrastructure to ensure every device interaction is secure and compliant.

Secure Gateway provides a flexible rules engine that defines the business logic for allowing or blocking device connectivity using white lists, black lists and a hybrid of the two. IT administrators can also allow or block classes of devices and specific devices manually based on exceptions. For example, executives using devices that would otherwise be blocked can be white listed.

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Restrictions Enforcement

 AirWatch enables IT administrators to restrict iPhone, iPod touch and iPad features and functionality to meet an enterprise's security requirements. Device restrictions are configured and enforced using signed and encrypted configuration profiles which AirWatch manages remotely. AirWatch monitors devices for total compliance with corporate restrictions lists and removes access to corporate services if devices are compromised.

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Device and Data Security

 AirWatch protects sensitive business and personal data on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices through passcode policies which establish strong encryption keys. AirWatch configures device passcode policies to meet the highest enterprise security standards and actively monitors devices to ensure total compliance. If a device is lost or stolen, AirWatch can initiate a real-time remote lock and wipe


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