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Code Reader 1000


 The Code Reader 1000™ (CR1000) is a compact bar code reader that takes up limited workspace without compromising bar code reading performance. The patented dual-field optical platform of the CR1000, allows users to scan both wide bar codes and very small bar codes with the same device. 

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Code Reader 8000


The Code Reader 8000™ (CR8000) is a patented, high performance, miniature bar code imaging engine. The CR8000 continues Code's legacy of dual optical fields - while most devices have a single field enhanced for a specific application, the CR8000 has both a high density field for reading the smallest of bar codes, and a wide angle field for reading oversized bar codes giving you two readers in one. 

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Opticon OPN 2002


The OPN2002, part of the OPN2000 series is a Bluetooth memory scanner, combining convenient barcode data collection with flexible communication options. The device enables storage and removal of barcode scans. The collected barcodes can be transmitted by cabled or wireless interface.

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 MCT-PS002 Barcode Scanner is the handiest, most versatile pocket-size scanning solution bringing highest flexibility in healthcare environments.


  • Pocket-size and lightweight
  • Paired BT Communications
  • Low power consumption
  • Hold over 10 thousand scans
  • Working 30 hours


Designed for healthcare with strong mobility requirement For Smart COWs Series Usage

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