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Mprodserver Overview

The New Medical Product Server (Mprodserver) is unsurpassed amalgamated source, setting the standard for comparative analysis of leading and innovative medical devices. This tool is specifically designed for use within fast paced clinical enviroments. Medical experts of all disciplines: surgeons,  physicians, medical device manufacturers and distributors are able to upload and instantly access device information via the internet and mobile phones (iPhone/iPad)

The New Medical Product Server is also a developer of mobile healthcare applications and medical imaging informatics tools. Our solutions enable secure data migration and exchange, provide medical professionals secure access to patient information, a repository for information to help make informed decisions and empower medical experts with mobile tools to optimize health information management. 

New Imaging Informatics Tool

Latest Products

Relay™ Thoracic Stent Graft

Relay Thoracic_Stent.jpg

Spiral Support Strut - The perfect balance of multi-directional flexibility and column strength. Acting as a shock absorber, the Spiral Support Strut absorbs the natural forces with the aorta eliminating a focal srress point.



Boston Scientific ALTRUA family pacemakers deliver benefits of natural pacing, accurately sensing and responding to the body’s signals. AV Search Hysteresis reduce unnecessary RV pacing without dropping beats, an MV Blended Sensor restores chronotropic

Epicor™ Cardiac Ablation System


The Epicor Cardiac Ablation System uses the control and precision of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) energy to replicate proven ablation lesion sets epicardially, without the need to place the patient on a heart-lung bypass machine.

Emboshield NAV6 Embolic Protection System


The Emboshield NAV6 is Abbott Vascular's sixth generation in embolic protection devices.  This BareWire system allows wire movement independent of the filter, with an advanced filter design for enhanced* capture efficiency and flow preservation.

Featured Healthcare IT Systems

FollowMyHealth patient portal

Company Name: 
Jardogs, LLC

 FollowMyHealth™ combines the global connectivity and patient management aspects of a personal health record with the integration of a patient portal to create the only true Universal Health Record.

FollowMyHealth™ leapfrogs traditional patient portal and personal health record functionality to bring together information and services in new and patient-friendly ways.


Medios PM

Company Name: 
IOS Health Systems

 Medios PM is the most powerful and easiest to use practice management system available today. Our solution is specifically designed to help practices maximize revenue and enhance control over daily revenue cycle activities. Medios PM is fully integrated with Medios EHR, providing a total solution to enhance your practice from check-in to payment.

Next Generation Health Risk Assessemnt Tool

Company Name: 
Unity Medical, Inc.
Next Generation Health Risk Assessemnt Tool

This next-generation in Health Assessment demonstrates how video-based engagement and education platforms are being used to create a client-centered experience that improves outcomes and drives behavioral change.

High Performance WLAN - Meraki MR16 Access Point

Company Name: 
Meraki, Inc.

Designed for demanding office environments, MR16 offers twice the throughput and performance of MR12, and provides high-speed, reliable and cost-effective wireless coverage even in the most challenging indoor RF scenarios. Only available with Enterprise Cloud Controller.



Company Name: 

 CodeRunner™ is MedQuist’s enterprise, application-on-demand coding workflow management system. The total solution for coding and managing your records, CodeRunner offers power, control, flexibilityand efficiency with:


Company Name: 

Medi-Span provides electronic drug data and clinical information that is fully integrated into the health systems software at more than 20,000 pharmacies, 2,000 hospitals and numerous health insurer and physician offices.

A Revolutionary Tool