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Mprodserver Overview

The New Medical Product Server (Mprodserver) is unsurpassed amalgamated source, setting the standard for comparative analysis of leading and innovative medical devices. This tool is specifically designed for use within fast paced clinical enviroments. Medical experts of all disciplines: surgeons,  physicians, medical device manufacturers and distributors are able to upload and instantly access device information via the internet and mobile phones (iPhone/iPad)

The New Medical Product Server is also a developer of mobile healthcare applications and medical imaging informatics tools. Our solutions enable secure data migration and exchange, provide medical professionals secure access to patient information, a repository for information to help make informed decisions and empower medical experts with mobile tools to optimize health information management. 

New Imaging Informatics Tool

Latest Products

Zenith TX2® TAA Endovascular Graft


The Zenith TX2 TAA Endovascular Graft with the H&L-B One-Shot Introduction System is indicated for the endovascular treatment of patients with aneurysms or ulcers of the descending thoracic aorta having vascular morphology suitable for endovascular repair including

Impella® LP2.5


The World's Smallest Heart Pump. The Impella 2.5 is a minimally invasive, catheter-based cardiac assist device designed to:Directly unload the left ventricle ;Reduce myocardial workload and oxygen consumption ;Increase cardiac output and coronary and end-organ perfusion

HUNTER Active / Passive Tendon Implants


For Tendon Reconstruction Two Stage. One Answer.  The HUNTER Active & Passive Tendon Implants are indicated for use in stage one or the two-stage procedure developed by Dr. James M. Hunter for the reconstruction of flexor and extensor tendons in individuals having significant hand tendon injury.The device is intended to be implanted temporarily in order to encourage the formation of pseudosynovial sheath which will later nourish and lubricate an autogenous tendon graft.

Active tendons allow use of hand during rehabilitation thereby:



MULTI-LINK VISION Coronary Stent System is the world's #1 bare metal stent platform 1. The laser-cut, cobalt chromium ML VISION offers thin struts, 0.0032"2, while maintaining radial strength and radiopacity. ML VISION is backed by an extensive body of data and indications including acute myocardial infarction and saphenous vein grafts

Featured Healthcare IT Systems

WebChart EHR Now

Company Name: 
Medical Informatics Engineering, Inc.

WebChart EHR is a Web-based longitudinal patient record that can be adopted all at once or in scalable increments best suited for your practice.

Health Informatics Certificate Program

Company Name: 
Columbia University Center for Advanced Technology
Health Informatics Certificate Program

The Columbia University Department Of Biomedical Informatics, along with the Center For Advanced Information Management is offering a Health Information Technology Certificate program starting in January 2011. The program provides the practical knowledge and skills required to use electronic health records (EHRs) in health care organizations.


Company Name: 

 By providing outpatient ambulatory care practices with a suite of rigorously developed evidence-based order sets, clinical decision support (CDS) rules, and health maintenance and disease management templates for deployment within electronic health record systems (EHRs), ZynxAmbulatory drives quality improvement across the continuum of care.

Liferay Portal Solutions

Company Name: 
Xtivia, Inc.
Liferay Portal Solutions

Xtivia offers innovative and cost-effective solutions based on the market-leading, Enterprise open-source Liferay 6 EE portal platform.  Through our Liferay portal practice we provide a world class US based team of engineers ready to assist you in meeting and exceeding your project goals.  We focus on your business needs resulting in a solution that meets your unique business needs and drivers. We begin by understanding your goals and learning what you’ve done to achieve them.

Ekahau RTLS

Company Name: 

 Ekahau real time location system (RTLS) is the only Wi-Fi-based location tracking solution that can operate over any brand or generation of Wi-Fi network while offering sub room-, room-, floor- and building-level accuracy. 

Scribbler Tablet PC

Company Name: 
Scribbler Tablet PC

 Experience the mobility, reliability, and versatility of a Scribbler® SC4100 Tablet PC! Mobile professionals who demand superior performance now have a wireless computing solution that is both powerful and convenient. You can choose to handwrite notes, convert speech to text, trust in biometric security, and access files from the most remote of locations. With an advanced new 180° wide viewing angle screen, the SC4100 offers accuracy and clarity when you need it the most!

A Revolutionary Tool