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Mprodserver Overview

The New Medical Product Server (Mprodserver) is unsurpassed amalgamated source, setting the standard for comparative analysis of leading and innovative medical devices. This tool is specifically designed for use within fast paced clinical enviroments. Medical experts of all disciplines: surgeons,  physicians, medical device manufacturers and distributors are able to upload and instantly access device information via the internet and mobile phones (iPhone/iPad)

The New Medical Product Server is also a developer of mobile healthcare applications and medical imaging informatics tools. Our solutions enable secure data migration and exchange, provide medical professionals secure access to patient information, a repository for information to help make informed decisions and empower medical experts with mobile tools to optimize health information management. 

New Imaging Informatics Tool

Latest Products

SCHÖLLHORN ‘Pediatric’ Vario-Retractor

The variability of the retractor plays a major role in pediatric cardiac surgery. The retractor must be able to be adapted perfectly to the thoraces of pediatric patients, as well as the unique anatomy of the thoraces of newly born babies. This was the main reason for giving this retractor system the name ‘Vario-Retractor’. The ‘Pediatric’ vario-retractor is similar to the standard retractor of the KARL STORZ multi-retractor system, but in a smaller version.

OptiFlex™ 1.3F Nitinol Stone Retrieval Basket


Flexible stone retrieval basket designed for flexible ureteroscopy procedures.

InSync II Marquis™ CRT-D Device


The Medtronic InSync II Marquis™ cardiac resynchronization and ICD device offers patient-tailored CRT options and effective ICD protection in conjunction with powerful heart failure management and patient safety features.



The Abbott Vascular MULTI-LINK MINI VISION Coronary Stent System is Abbott Vascular's cobalt chromium stent for small vessels. Cobalt chromium allows ML MINI VISION to have thin struts and a low stent metal volume while maintaining radial strength and radiopacity.

Featured Healthcare IT Systems

Viewpoint Analytics

Company Name: 

Viewpoint Data Warehouse & Analytics provides secure integration and storage of your healthcare data, while also providing unprecedented access through our secure web portal.

Use insights to refine your plan or steer members toward more cost-effective choices for treatment and medication. Or, develop wellness programs and ongoing initiatives to improve health and reduce long-term spending.


Websense Data Security Suite

Company Name: 
Internet Content Management, Inc. for Websense
Websense Data Security Suite

Protecting customer and other confidential data from malicious and accidental leaks is one of the top business and IT security challenges facing organizations today. Compounding this problem, CIOs and CSOs must protect their data amid pressure from regulatory and corporate compliance requirements, customer and competitive pressures, and the rising cost and publicity of data leaks.

Electronic Signature Authentication Software

Company Name: 
3M Health Information Systems

3M ESA allows care providers to edit, complete and authenticate transcribed documents and scanned images online from PC workstations connected to a network. Physicians can use ESA from workstations throughout the hospital, clinics, their homes, or even when traveling. The complete authenticated documents can then be sent automatically to attending and referring physicians and retained for viewing and storage.

Key Features and Benefits include:


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Providers face pressure to deliver ever higher quality of care, to larger patient populations, with a shrinking clinical workforce. Regulators and reforms demand more collaboration and more accountability for outcomes, while reimbursements are being curtailed. Divergence in government and commercial reimbursements are forcing providers to consider different care delivery models. A generation of empowered, technology savvy consumers is demanding more information about their care and more interaction with their caregivers.

Device and Data Security

Company Name: 

 AirWatch protects sensitive business and personal data on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices through passcode policies which establish strong encryption keys. AirWatch configures device passcode policies to meet the highest enterprise security standards and actively monitors devices to ensure total compliance. If a device is lost or stolen, AirWatch can initiate a real-time remote lock and wipe


4DX Analytics

Company Name: 
Analytics image.png

Real-time analytics platform collects and analyzes a wide range of information to provide clinical and business analytics. Our 100% service approach provides complete visibility into clinical and business transactions across the network that informs our clients with the information they need to proactively manage the network. Based on this information, the power of the HIE network can be harness and adjusted to drive breadth and depth of adoption through changes to:

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