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Mprodserver Overview

The New Medical Product Server (Mprodserver) is unsurpassed amalgamated source, setting the standard for comparative analysis of leading and innovative medical devices. This tool is specifically designed for use within fast paced clinical enviroments. Medical experts of all disciplines: surgeons,  physicians, medical device manufacturers and distributors are able to upload and instantly access device information via the internet and mobile phones (iPhone/iPad)

The New Medical Product Server is also a developer of mobile healthcare applications and medical imaging informatics tools. Our solutions enable secure data migration and exchange, provide medical professionals secure access to patient information, a repository for information to help make informed decisions and empower medical experts with mobile tools to optimize health information management. 

New Imaging Informatics Tool

Latest Products

Protege™ GPS™ Self-Expanding Peripheral Stent System


The Protege™ GPS™ Self-Expanding Peripheral Stent is a self-expanding Nitinol stent system. The stent is made of a nickel titanium alloy (Nitinol) and comes on a 6F over-the-wire delivery system. The stent is cut from a Nitinol tube into an open lattice design and has tantalum radiopaque markers at the proximal and distal ends of the stent.

ACUSON P10™ ultrasound system


The ACUSON P10™ ultrasound system includes:


In cardiology, the ACUSON P10 enables you to visualize basic anatomy, function, and effusion as part of an initial patient assessment, routine follow-up, or in pre/post procedure care in the ICU/CCU.



 Esaote’s creativity and commitment to innovation is encompassed in the G-scan, a revolutionary dedicated musculoskeletal MRI system. The G-scan covers all applications: foot/ankle, knee, hip L&C spine, shoulder, elbow, hand/wrist. 

CX50 CompactXtreme Ultrasound System


Previously available only on our premium iE33 system, PureWave on the CX50 system allows you to get the clear images you need for confident diagnoses on a wide variety of patients, including the difficult-to-image.

Featured Healthcare IT Systems

mVisum Alert System

Company Name: 
mVisum, Inc.

mVisum Alert transmits critical real-time patient information and alarms from the hospital patient monitoring
network to various mobile devices such as cell phones, smartphones, IP phones and pagers.

The system connects to the existing patient monitor network and can send not only the alarm notification
itself but the underlying data causing the alarm condition including waveforms, vital signs, etc. System can
operate through the facility’s WiFi network or any cellular network.


MetaCare Matrix

Company Name: 
Meta Healthcare IT Solutions

MetaCare Matrix™ is an electronic financial record (EFR) solution that offers complete patient resource access, accounting and revenue cycle management.
MetaCare Enterprise™ EHR provides healthcare systems with a comprehensive, integrated and intelligent solution to innovate clinical workflow and ultimately reduce patient care errors while improving overall patient care. 


Health Informatics Certificate Program

Company Name: 
Columbia University Center for Advanced Technology
Health Informatics Certificate Program

The Columbia University Department Of Biomedical Informatics, along with the Center For Advanced Information Management is offering a Health Information Technology Certificate program starting in January 2011. The program provides the practical knowledge and skills required to use electronic health records (EHRs) in health care organizations.

Ingia Data Interoperability Solution

Company Name: 
L-3 Communications

Without new code development, INGIA can create and link disparate data formats and databases. It provides an information exchange framework for effective and efficient information sharing across enterprise boundaries. This framework can be uniformly developed and centrally maintained.


iPatientCare EHR/PM

Company Name: 
iPatientCare aka MCS-Medical Communication Systems

iPatientCare EHR/PM:

Executive Search

Company Name: 
Accretive Solutions
Executive Search

If you are a growing business, adding or replacing a key individual, or thinking about upgrading your workforce, identifying and attracting the best talent is crucial. Accretive Solutions has a track record of helping companies, large and small, hire the best - professionals who hit the ground running and quickly become top performers in their organizations.

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