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Mprodserver Overview

The New Medical Product Server (Mprodserver) is unsurpassed amalgamated source, setting the standard for comparative analysis of leading and innovative medical devices. This tool is specifically designed for use within fast paced clinical enviroments. Medical experts of all disciplines: surgeons,  physicians, medical device manufacturers and distributors are able to upload and instantly access device information via the internet and mobile phones (iPhone/iPad)

The New Medical Product Server is also a developer of mobile healthcare applications and medical imaging informatics tools. Our solutions enable secure data migration and exchange, provide medical professionals secure access to patient information, a repository for information to help make informed decisions and empower medical experts with mobile tools to optimize health information management. 

New Imaging Informatics Tool

Latest Products

HEARTSTRING® II Proximal Seal System

heartstring II

Indications:  The HEARTSTRING™ II Proximal Seal System is intended for use by cardiac surgeons during CABG procedures to maintain hemostasis and facilitate the completion of a proximal anastomosis without application of an aortic clamp. An innovative way to help reduce the release of emboli associated with the side-biting clamp. HEARTSTRING® II allows you to achieve clampless hemostasis during proximal CABG anastomoses while suturing with your own hand. It's an easy-to-use advance in patient care.

PERIMOUNT Magna pericardial aortic bioprosthesis with ThermaFix process

Perimount Magna

The PERIMOUNT Magna heart valve (bioprosthesis), with its true supra-annular design, offers optimal hemodynamics and flow characteristics for treatment of aortic heart valve disease. Enables up to 23% greater effective orifice area (EOA). Designed on the foundation of the PERIMOUNT tissue (pericardial) heart valve's unparalleled 20-year durability.

X-Cal Web


Cal Web allows for both complete front DICOM calibration and QA of DBI LCDs as well as the ability to track and manage calibrations for non-DBI LCDs.

Cardioblate® XL Surgical Ablation Pen

Cardioblate XL.jpg

The new Cardioblate® XL Surgical Ablation Pen features an extended length shaft (20 cm) designed to allow you to more easily reach the target tissue during cardiac ablation procedures. It is especially useful for: Minimally invasive (small thoracotomy) approaches, Larger or “barrel-chested” full sternotomy patients

Featured Healthcare IT Systems

ProShow Appointment Remainder

Company Name: 
1 Call, A Division of AMTELCO

Pro Show is our innovative appointment reminder solution. It will automatically call patients to remind them of their next appointment and ask if they will be able to attend, sending you notifications if patients cancel.


Company Name: 

Medi-Span provides electronic drug data and clinical information that is fully integrated into the health systems software at more than 20,000 pharmacies, 2,000 hospitals and numerous health insurer and physician offices.

EDW Appliance

Company Name: 
Health Care DataWorks, Inc.
EDW Appliance

HCD’s EDW Appliance allows you to stand up an EDW at a fraction of the time and cost required to build your own. Our appliance includes all of the hardware, software and support to build your EDW.

Included in the EDW Appliance are HCD’s Data Model, Dashboards, and Reports:

Data Model - 42 Subject areas spanning Clinical, Financial, Operational and Research information. Built over 12 years at a leading Academic Medical Center

Welch Allyn Connex® Electronic Vitals Documentation System

Company Name: 
Welch Allyn Connex® Electronic Vitals Documentation System

The Connex EVD System automates the vitals capture and documentation process to allow wireless transmission of patient data into your EMR from the point of care. This dramatically reduces the time and labor required to document data and virtually eliminates errors.


Access to data:

ONYX-175VS 195VS

Company Name: 

 The ONYX-175VS / 195VS Vital Fanless Isolation Medical Stations are based on Intel Core 2 Duo 45GS processor which deliver a performance improvement of more than 100% compared to systems running traditional single-core processors. With two cores, or computing engines, ONYX can simultaneously execute two computing tasks. It
accommodates one 2.5” SATA hard disk drive and up to 8GB DDR SODIMM.

Allscripts PeakPractice

Company Name: 

Fully connect the clinical and business sides of your small- to mid-sized physician practice with an integrated EHR and Practice Management Solution. Allscripts PeakPractice delivers sophisticated tools to advance your financial health while delivering the highest quality patient care outcomes.

Allscripts PeakPractice

A Revolutionary Tool